Giving life and meaning to an idea, from the first line to the detail, realized by passionate architects.


CCHE assists Swiss and foreign companies wishing to enhance their work spaces and their operations.

Our objective is to develop an optimal solution for the integration of the building and an architectural concept that takes into account both the identity of the place and the image it wishes to convey for the future.

Energetical and structural innovations, in terms of construction and maintenance (operating costs), have always been sought after so that the project is able to convey the company's values.

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Architecture du Biopole par CCHE

Biopôle, Lausanne


The different types of housing developed at CCHE - from luxury housing to subsidised apartments - benefit from the joint thinking in our different sectors for the benefit of a better quality of life for all.

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CCHE - Les Logis de Prilly

Les Logis de Prilly, a place to live combining social mix and soft mobility.


New school centres, reconversions, sanitation, rehabilitation and upgrading are the new challenges we are facing as a result of population growth.

Faced with these challenges, we must find ways to build more and more common spaces to ensure the quality of exchanges between students, while promoting the desire to learn.

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Whether it is a new construction or the renovation of a building in operation, the programs are always as specific and heterogeneous to initiate a project.

Public buildings are under pressure to meet the expectations of a wide variety of populations and to adapt to changes in society and its operating methods.

Indeed, the programme is no longer sufficient for its survival: it now requires state-of-the-art techniques and flawless safety, as well as in-depth reflection on the notions of maintenance and facilitated operation from the outset to ensure its versatility over time.

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Concours de CCHE pour le Centre intercommunal sportif de glace de Malley Suisse


The transformation of a building is often essential to maintain its influence and avoid the outright disappearance of a program that has evolved or that of an indispensable institution that no longer satisfies the public.

Ensuring its durability by guaranteeing its economic competitiveness, a process often carried out while maintaining operations, requires a great deal of rigour in terms of the quality of project and site management.

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Architecture CCHE pour Migros de Chailly

Renovation and transformation of the Migros de Chailly in Lausanne

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