The originality of this bag is that it contains two others.

You leave with one bag, and you will come back with 1, 2 or 3 bags depending on the size of your purchases. Separately, each one is distinguished by its shape and color; once assembled, they play with their differences to redesign a single elegant object.

The quality details such as the stitching of the straps, the comfort of the handles, sign this object produced and fashioned in Switzerland.

Developed by

CCHE Design


CCHE Architecture & Design SA


PVC tarpaulin, Plexiglas, industrial strap


Tarpaulins : Proplana AG, Matzingen
Cutting : Datacut Techniques laser SA, Goumens-la-ville
Assembly + straps : Sellerie Vionnet, Vuadens
Prototype and consultacy : Atelier de Stylisme-création, Carole Frossard, Bulle
400ex. made

Design Produit de CCHE Design
Design Produit de CCHE Design
Design Produit de CCHE Design
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