A reinterpretation of the wine brick, the C17 (chasselas 17) elegantly accommodates wine bottles and keeps them cool.

Using the properties of terracotta, a porous and naturally insulating material, the C17 was designed with sustainability in mind (use of natural materials and hand-made by a Swiss craftsman).

Developed and produced in a limited edition as a "give-away" for the Young Entrepreneurs' Day which took place in Lavaux (Sept. 2017), the C17 was reissued as an end-of-year gift for CCHE employees and customers.



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Terracotta, émail mat


Peter Fink, pottery d'Épendes (FR)

Brique de vin C17 de CCHE
Brique de vin C17 de CCHE

Run C17 under cold water and take your bottle out of the refrigerator.

Brique de vin C17 de CCHE

By capillary action, C17 naturally generates cold.

Brique de vin C17 de CCHE

It will stay fresh for over an hour!

Brique de vin C17 de CCHE
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