This set of mugs is a gift from the associates offered to all employees as well as to clients to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CCHE office. The pentagonal base and circle represent the five associates, their unity. The five colors are an expression of both their differences and their complementarity. These porcelain stoneware cups are made with 100% certified "green" electricity. The clay mix and the pigments used come from recycled natural materials. The packaging has been designed with the same concern for sustainability: a 2mm corrugated raw cardboard with a white silk-screen printing, assembled without glue, can be used directly for postal shipments.

The CCHE cups were selected and exhibited at the Swiss Ceramics Biennial in September 2009 in Basel.



Developed by

CCHE Design


Set of 5 mugs, packaging


Porcelain stoneware, glaze, natural pigments


Mugs: Peter Fink,Pottery of Ependes, Fribourg
Packaging: Graphstyle SA

Tasses de CCHE
Tasses de CCHE
Tasses de CCHE
Tasses de CCHE
Tasses de CCHE
Tasses de CCHE

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