Quartier du Bugnon

Lausanne and Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

Straddling the municipalities of Lausanne and Mont-sur-Lausanne, the Maillefer district, with a surface area of 77,000m2, has undergone development in 3 phases from 2007 to 2020.

The Société Coopérative d'Habitation Lausanne (SCHL) has built the first eco-district in the french-speaking part of Switzerland with 300 apartments.

As part of the second phase, Retraites Populaires constructed three new buildings, including a 17-storey tower (55 metres high), with a total of 128 apartments and nearly 3,000 m2 of commercial space.

The third phase, carried out jointly by Retraites Populaires and the SCHL, resulted in the construction of 155 additional housing units.

In the end, the site has nearly 600 apartments, making a concrete contribution to addressing the shortage that the market is experiencing. In addition, 100 jobs have been created by the creation of commercial and administrative space.

The buildings benefit from a DDP (permanent separate right) granted by the Livio family, owner of all the land, whose purpose was to make available to the market housing at attractive rents with high quality finishes and meeting the concerns of sustainable development by promoting neighborhood life in particular.



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA, in partnership with Atelier Cube for the 1st stage


Jean-Jacques Borgeaud paysagiste


SCHL - Société Coopérative d'Habitation Lausanne
Retraites Populaires


15 buildings including 1 with sheltered housing, 303 apartments and 355 parking spaces

Floor area (GFA)

27,750 m²

Volume (SIA)

132,200 m³


CCHE Lausanne SA

Plan de situation de CCHE pour le quartier du Bugnon Suisse

Stages of construction - 1/1500 - Quartier Maillefer - Bugnon, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne and Lausanne

The Quartier du Bugnon district groups together several projects carried out in three stages:

Etape 1 : Maillefer I et II

Architecture d'intérieur de CCHE pour le projet Maillefer I et II Suisse

On an exceptional plot of land, a program of 303 housing units, 234 of which meet the Minergie-ECO standard and 69 of which meet the Minergie standard, was built in collaboration with the Cube workshop. see the project

Stage 3: Bugnon Est - building D

Architecture de CCHE d'un immeuble d'habitation Suisse

As part of the last eastern phase of the Bugnon district, CCHE has developed and built a new residential building with 50 apartments and an underground car park. see the project

Stage 3: Bugnon Est - buildings E and F

Architecture de CCHE pour Bugnon EST Bâtiment E et F quartier Maillefer Suisse

CCHE developed and built the E and F buildings, with their 105 dwellings, which complete the Maillefer district in the final stage. see the project

Stage 2: Les Balcons du Mont

Architecture de CCHE d'un immeuble de logements Suisse

Les Balcons du Mont totals 128 apartments and nearly 3000 m² of commercial space. All of this is spread over three MINERGIE®-labelled buildings, including a 17-storey tower (55 metres high). see the project

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