New Romain Gauthier boutique in the Takashimaya Nihonbashi shopping center in Tokyo.

25.05.2022 · News

The luxury Swiss watchmaking brand, Romain Gauthier, is presented in the world with watches characterized through eye-catching designs, innovative in-house adaptations as well as an extremely high level of craftmanship. The furnishing of their new sales facility in the Takashimaya Nihonbashi shopping center in Tokyo was entrusted to CCHE, which developed, within a very restricted time frame, custom-made furniture capable of expressing the brand’s values through a very strong identity.

A table used for display and as a point of sales as well as a custom mural element were developed through Swiss artisans. The design of the table, inspired by Louis XV, was reworked and refined through a more contemporary architectural furniture design. The mural panel of 3.5m x 1.5m represents the topography of the Vallée de Joux with an intense level of detail. The choice of exceptional materials and technology contribute to the objective of echoing the brand’s motto ‘’Evolution of tradition’’

This furniture designed by CCHE and produced by regional craftsmen invited customers to discover the richness of both materials and techniques.

Discover the presentation for the project by Romain Gauthier and our partners
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Romain Gauthier | Watchmaker | Manufacture Romain Gauthier SA
Marie Ståhl | Architect EPFL - Associate | CCHE La Vallée SA
Clément Perrier | Architecte - Project manager | CCHE La Vallée SA
Eric Marguet | Engineer in microtechnology and computer science HES |
Philippe Emery | Designer Cabinetmaker |
Philippe Emery

Concept de CCHE pour la boutique d'horlogerie Romain Gauthier Japon Suisse
Concept de CCHE pour la boutique d'horlogerie Romain Gauthier Japon Suisse

Workflow Rhino-ArchiCAD-Parametric-Rendering

Our large-scale intervention has successfully covered both the visual identity of the company as well as the development of high-end furniture, including the search for partners able to embody the values of the project through their know-how and the monitoring of the furniture’s production.

To guarantee the meeting of very restrictive deadlines, this project benefited from a specific workflow, thus allowing us to identify from the beginning, the steps necessary for decision marking and the development according to the delivery deadline.

CCHE has implemented parallel workflows and tools to support concept development and design in 2D while directly testing ideas and their feasibility with 3D working images.

The culture of collaboration is part of CCHE’S DNA and is based on the creation of multidisciplinary teams in which each player contributes their expertise at the right time and on the right scale.

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