The exploration of forms in architecture

02.04.2021 · Articles

Tailor made staircase

We exploit digital tools for their ability to quickly and flexibly concretize our creative processes while ensuring the reliability and consistency of our information.

The exploration of avant-garde forms and techniques and the possibility of testing our ideas without delay allow us to approach space in an innovative way and open new horizons towards custom architectural forms and collaboration models.

Design paramétrique - Ep. 1 - L'exploration des formes dans l'architecture

Parametric design tools

Parametric design tools optimize our work and allow us to free ourselves from the limitations of traditional tools.

By building our own algorithms, we develop tools to explore forms, while allowing the creation of variants. These tools revolutionize the way we think about projects, interact and produce.

Design paramétrique - Ep. 2 - Outils de design paramétrique

Virtual and augmented reality visualization

At the heart of architectural thinking, our computer graphics artists can intervene at each stage of a project to highlight a thought, a vision or a decision resulting from the work of the teams in the different sectors of the office. This tool facilitates exchanges with clients and allows them to participate in the developments by better understanding the constructive issues.

Design paramétrique - Ep. 3 - Visualisation en réalité virtuelle et augmentée

Culture of collaboration

The evolution and digitalization of tools has a direct impact on our workflow and collaboration processes. Each new project is challenged in order to precisely define the scope of action and to bring together the best specialists able to bring decisive expertise to make it evolve. CCHE integrates many complementary professions in its teams, so that each project benefits from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Design paramétrique - Ep. 4 - Culture de la collaboration
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