Implementation of an architectural idea within cost and schedule. A know-how at the service of construction that takes its form in the mastery of detail.

Réalisation de CCHE pour le projet Maillefer I et II Suisse

Building with CCHE

The act of building within CCHE is reflected in the deployment of multidisciplinary skills. Architects, engineers, work managers, building technicians, site managers and supervisors combine their efforts through a daily commitment to carry out exceptional projects within deadlines and controlled costs.

As an agent, CCHE undertakes to defend and represent the interests of the project owner in compliance with his specifications and the regulations in force.

The technical and normative evolutions of construction are at the centre of the office's concerns and permanent upgrading allows to bring targeted and appropriate answers on a case-by-case basis. All CCHE-labelled projects also benefit from the know-how shared with a large network of professional companies and specialist partners.

Architecture de CCHE des bâtiment de logements du Petit Mont-Riond Suisse

Some CCHE achievements

Architecture de CCHE des logements Les Logis de Prilly
Architecture de CCHE pour Bugnon EST quartier Maillefer Suisse
Transformation et Rénovation de CCHE d'un bâtiment à la rue de Bourg à Lausanne Suisse

Today, thanks to our experience in work management, we can commit ourselves to carry out your projects under a general/total business contract thanks to our company Perspectives Construction SA, in order to contractually guarantee you the announced costs and deadlines, while ensuring the usual architectural quality of CCHE.


New constructions

CCHE's construction sector relies on about fifty employees to master all types of constructions. For each type of object, an experienced team is set up in relation to the type of work (large districts, luxury villas, school buildings, etc.). CCHE also collaborates as a local architect for international architects such as BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) or KKAA (Kengo Kuma and Associates).

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CCHE provides its customers and partners with the mastery of all the competences gathered in the field of renovation, transformation and sanitation. A precise and complete technical diagnosis is carried out in order to anticipate and control the intervention on the building.

The analysis of the history of the object, its sociological importance and its location in the context are all elements that allow us to act at the project level with targeted innovations and tailor-made responses on a case-by-case basis.

Our various experiences in occupied sites and environments, both in housing as well as in the business and hospital world, have enabled us to develop specific methodologies to meet the various challenges.

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Taking action to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

In terms of energy transition, building renovation is a major challenge. In the current context, energy renovations represent a major lever for action, both in terms of improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Switzerland and enhancing the value of existing buildings, while at the same time respecting building heritage. Energy efficiency forms part of CCHE's DNA, and the company has been working with this issue for decades. CCHE provides its customers and partners with a full range of expertise in the fields of renovation, conversion, and refurbishment.

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