Maputo, Mozambique

The hot climate felt in Maputo throughout the year, and the need for more effective solar protection, was crucial to the structure and orientation of the façade. The inclinations in the elevation allow the enter of controlled natural light, enhancing the quality of the office spaces and maintaining a stable temperature inside, giving the JAT building more contemporary and update image.

The elevation covering system is rhythmic and composed of aluminum plates that bring lightness to the building, allowing an integration of the building with the existing, without losing the rhythmic and regular continuity of the surroundings. The project gives special importance to the uniformity of the color palette of the whole, which is intended to be sober and perennial.

The renovation of the building extends to the main reception floor, where the common spaces are not only a place of passage or access between spaces. Thanks to their scale and size, they can be a place to pause and share, one of the main objectives being to make the space welcoming and worthy of an office building reception. Combining noble and warm materials, such as Merrazzo flooring with warm tones and textured woods, the space gains in sobriety and elegance.

The design program approach of the JAT office interiors aims to achieve a contemporary look, with the use of noble and classic materials, associated with a reinterpretation of traditional African sculpture where gold and bronze are widely used.

The central space is in evidence, as it is a reception and gathering area for the largest number of people, highlighted by the distinctive cladding. It was designed as the central space for the offices, generating the circulation space and separating the reception area from the private offices. On the other hand, the work and informal meeting rooms have a more sober and neutral character, allowing appropriation by its users and greater diffusion of natural light. The conference room is a combination of both worlds, with the sober colors of the work rooms, but with expressive surfaces and textures that guarantee good acoustics in the space.



Developed by

CCHE Porto Lda


JAT Constroi


Interior transformation/ Facade renovation


Offices/ Facade

Floor area (GFA)

500 m2

Architecture de CCHE pour JAT Maputo Mozambique
Architecture de CCHE pour JAT Maputo Mozambique
Architecture de CCHE pour JAT Maputo Mozambique
Architecture de CCHE pour JAT Maputo Mozambique
Architecture de CCHE pour JAT Maputo Mozambique



Architecture de CCHE pour JAT Maputo Mozambique
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