GEMS World Academy


In record time, this functional complex was transformed into a luxurious educational center. Located on a triangular-shaped plot of land, the building is bordered on one side by the railway and on the other by the freeway. At the tip of the triangle, the floor space is naturally reduced without any noticeable reduction in interior space thanks to the intelligent layout of the building and the optimization of its useful space.



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Meigerhorn Asset Management SA


Conversion of an administrative building into a school building

Floor area (GFA)

12,000 m2

Volume (SIA)

53,000 m3


CCHE Lausanne SA

School GEMS World Academy

Architecture de CCHE de l'école GEMS World Academy Suisse

Located in the commercial area of Etoy, this new building was originally designed for administrative areas. The building was adapted to accommodate the first Swiss branch of the GEMS private school network. The project is primarily didactic, personalized and animated. Emphasis is placed on exchanges and group work, hence the development of numerous common areas.
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GEMS World Academy Sports Center

Architecture de CCHE du Centre sportif GEMS World Academy Suisse

Ideally located, this project is built around a dynamic organized mainly by the surrounding flows of the freeway and the SBB tracks. The major spaces, characterized by their large scale, are visually connected through the main public space, a link that allows to look simultaneously towards the sports hall and the swimming pool. The observer thus recognizes the spatial duality that can already be seen from the outside, with the two illuminated lanterns on the facade.
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