Croix d'Or


The rehabilitation project concerns two buildings on the shopping street in downtown Geneva. The Croix d'Or building built in 1902 and the Madeleine building in 1924 have since been connected by a connecting building. Originally dedicated to housing, the buildings have greatly evolved, particularly since the 1970s, and now house a store as well as commercial offices.

The buildings no longer meet the current criteria of a store and the dilapidated state of the building lead to a global renovation of the buildings in terms of envelope and security. The project also involves a complete renovation of the store's interior, including moving the escalators and aligning the store's slabs at the Croix d'Or level to rationalize and free up the store's sales spaces. In order to allow maximum flexibility of the buildings, the slabs are reinforced with a thickness of fiber-reinforced concrete. The heritage facades are restored with respect for the original elements of interest and the old windows are preserved and lined with a new exterior frame of similar appearance. The technical installations are moved to the roof of the Croix d'Or building in the existing aedicula with an extension of it. A metal cladding makes it possible to conceal and homogenize all the technical roofing elements visible from the old town. The flat roofs of the buildings are vegetated in order to allow the establishment of indigenous fauna and flora.

The rehabilitation project is part of an environmental policy through the implementation of the BREEM label, which involves specific processes and makes it possible to achieve ambitious objectives in terms of sustainability, reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.



Developed by

CCHE Genève SA


Redevco SA


Compliance, renovation and store conversion

Floor area (GFA)

7,800 m2

Volume (SIA)

29,875 m3

Architecture de CCHE pour Croix d'Or Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour Croix d'Or Suisse

elevation 1:200

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