Urban Planning - Participatory approach

14.11.2023 · Articles

Project co-construction is a methodology that advocates collaboration by actively involving stakeholders in the decision making, design and action process, with the aim of achieving an efficient result that is recognised by all.

Aware of the negative impact that urban planning can have on its environment and society, new approaches have emerged and architects-urban planners have surrounded themselves with specialists from other disciplines to design more balanced, adapted, and sustainable urban environments.

In this context, CCHE's urban planning sector has developed a methodology for multi-scalar, multi-domain, and multi-actor participatory approaches, making it possible to identify interest groups and propose participatory approaches adapted to each request. Together, they can assess the feasibility of proposals and work towards the production of shared concrete results.

Our tailor-made approaches lead to joint decisions right from the design stage, considerably reducing the risk of opposition.

Atelier Participatif pour le quartier de la Suettaz

La Suettaz neighbourhood plan: testing ideas in a workshop with professionals. Read the news

Different types of participatory approaches

  • Co-construction: Creative workshops
  • Consultation: Professional workshops
  • Information: Exhibition
  • Communication: Flyer and press release
Urbanisme de CCHE pour le quartier d'habitation La Suettaz Suisse

In a creative workshop, a pool of experts tested the various site variants devised during the development of the Suettaz neighbourhood plan in Nyon. These 12 professionals from fields as varied as architecture and sociology, as well as council representatives and the owners, focused their thinking on major themes such as the landscape, the environment, mobility, and socio-economic issues. They opted for an island layout, leaving room for large tree-lined inner courtyards of 700m2 and green spaces.


To support the Moulins, Vevey land use plan, CCHE helped the council to communicate about this project, producing flyers for households, preparing a press release and designing explanatory and educational panels for the public exhibition.

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