Tarpaulins for the Ancienne Papeterie Eco-district

11.07.2023 · News

Illustrating the future, providing information about what already exists

The Ancienne Papeterie eco-district in Marly has begun its second phase of construction, following on from the initial phase completed in 2022, which includes housing, activities, leisure and shops.

Located right in the heart of the inhabited site, the fences demarcating the areas of these new large-scale works required special treatment to visually protect residents from the areas under construction for the next four years.

Our approach is to consider the surfaces of these fences not simply as barriers that conceal, but also as 'screens' that allow interaction with passers-by and the work sites. We have therefore developed a fresco that extends and thematises the landscape, playing on perspectives and illustrating scenes of life, inspired by both the existing and the future of the neighbourhood.

With a view to reinforcing these interactions, the fresco also incorporates a series of QR codes linking to content as varied as the promotion of current projects, existing services, and leisure activities available to residents, job offers, bus timetables, etc.

Produced on tarpaulins, these colourful illustrations, developed by CCHE designers, cover more than 1,000 linear metres (2,000m2 surface area) in the district and accompany viewers as they wander around and daydream.

Immersed on the site of the Marly Innovation Center, June 2023

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Design de CCHE pour le Quartier de l'Ancienne Papeterie à Marly Suisse
Design de CCHE pour le Quartier de l'Ancienne Papeterie à Marly Suisse
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