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15.07.2021 · News

Training is at the heart of CCHE's concerns and is an integral part of the office's values. Various active steps set up by the Management to encourage training at all levels are perfectly in line with the office's desire for durability and constant improvement, which thus wishes to offer opportunities for development in line with the ambitions of each individual.

The office has long been committed to becoming a training company and as such welcomes several apprentices or trainees per year. To date, 11 architectural draftsmen or commercial trainees have completed their school year, 3 of whom have successfully completed their training and obtained a CFC.

Trainees portrait : Episode 1 - Episode 2

Episode 1

Portrait d'apprentis - Ep. 1

Trainees portrait : episode 1

Learning through exchange

In the office, training is translated daily by the exchange and transmission of experiences through concrete and practical cases. The apprentices in training at CCHE are supervised by referent trainers, whose mission is to accompany the transition between the school and the professional world, by initiating them first to the basics of the trade to guide them little by little towards autonomy.

Multidisciplinary environment

Our apprentices are immersed for 4 years in a multidisciplinary office offering a wide variety of services. They can thus explore and deepen all the facets of their future profession and experience different scales of projects within different sectors and subsidiaries. This multidisciplinarity is also rich in learning, as they benefit from daily feedback from the internal network.

Professional perspectives

The training is divided between professional courses and in-company training, which allows students to experience the preparation of the elements necessary to accompany the different phases of a project's development, on an architectural or administrative level. Each trainer is concerned with supporting professional projects and revealing future talents, who may continue their career within the office.

Episode 2

Portrait d'apprentis - Ep. 2

Trainees portrait : episode 2

At the end of this year 2020-2021, which has been largely impacted by health standards and organizational constraints, the results are nevertheless positive. 

Deployed in telecommuting for almost a year, the CCHE apprentices have relied on the support of their colleagues and the supervision of their trainers to continue their training in the best conditions.

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