CCHE receives the "Best Employers 2021" award

28.04.2021 · Press reviews

CCHE receives the Bilan prize for "Best Employers 2021

CCHE wins the first prize in the Bilan award for the best employers, category "Real Estate". This result recognises the HR measures and innovations deployed by the office during the year 2020.

Alongside constant growth, both structurally and organisationally, the well-being of employees has always been a priority for the management and all reflections linked to the development of the group systematically integrate the human dimension.

Today, CCHE has 260 employees and more than 18 professions on 5 different sites. This particularity has enabled the digitalisation of internal tools and procedures since 2018 (well before covid constraints) in order to encourage inter-site synergies and collaboration.

The management has also implemented, with the HR team, several actions aimed at employees based on 3 fundamental axes for the company: belonging, cohesion and the culture of collaboration

All of this work was carried out at the same time last year in the particular context of COVID, which required the establishment of a multidisciplinary task force to supervise employees, responsible for organising the distribution of regular and coordinated internal information, the deployment of online collaboration tools, and the organisation of events and training by videoconference.

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