Malley Phare: The first wooden tower in French-speaking Switzerland is being built in Lausanne

30.04.2024 · Press reviews

In its Housing supplement, La Côte newspaper focuses on high-rise buildings and the use of wood for construction projects in Switzerland.

‘The neighbourhood plan imposed a number of ecological criteria. Depending on the possibilities related to the site, we decided to suggest a tower with a timber structure and photovoltaic panels on the facades,’ explains Fabio Leo, architect, and project manager, at CCHE Lausanne SA.

The future Malley-Gare district is the first in French-speaking Switzerland to be certified as a ‘Site 2000 Watts’. This label, awarded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), stipulates that the residential area must feature buildings that are built, operated, and renovated sustainably, and offer a mobility structure that meets the same criteria.

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