Hôtel des Innovations: the first stone has been laid!

01.12.2023 · Press reviews

"Today, the foundation stone for the "Hôtel des Innovations" was laid at the Marly Innovation Center (MIC). The ceremony was attended by Lise-Marie Graden, from the Sarine Prefect, Christophe Maillard, the Mayor of Marly, and representatives of the local council, Christophe Renevey, Deputy Director of the Fribourg Tourist Board, Stéphane Schlaeppy, Manager of the Hôtel des Innovations, and representatives of MIC.

Located between the MIC technology campus and the Ancienne Papeterie eco-neighborhood, the Hotel des Innovations has 167 rooms on 12 floors, The building is also home to conference rooms and a fitness center. It forms part of a complex of three buildings known as "sector F".

Set in beautiful woodland surroundings, this new business park will create around 230 jobs, as follows: the Hôtel de l'Innovation (30), a building housing the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Prison and Probation CSCSP (90) and a medical center (110).

This four-star establishment is scheduled to open in August 2025. The complex will cost CHF 80 million, which includes CHF 50 million for the hotel.

Press reviews
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Actualite de CCHE pour la Première pierre du Marly Innovation Center (MIC) à Marly Suisse
Actualite de CCHE pour la Première pierre du Marly Innovation Center (MIC) à Marly Suisse
Actualite de CCHE pour la Première pierre du Marly Innovation Center (MIC) à Marly Suisse
Actualite de CCHE pour la Première pierre du Marly Innovation Center (MIC) à Marly Suisse

Filling a gap in the region
The arrival of a 167-room, 4-star hotel will fill a crucial gap in Fribourg and the surrounding area. It will provide the town with an important infrastructure, enabling it to host conferences and events of national importance, and thus contributing to the reputation of the city and the region as a whole.

A major asset for the technology campus
The creation of the hotel will also open up new prospects for the technology campus. In addition, a large number of conference rooms (with a 537-person capacity) will now be available to companies based at the Marly Innovation Center and the surrounding region. The 60 individuals, who take it in turns to attend courses at the CSCSP for 2 weeks, 43 weeks of the year, will be accommodated in the hotel. In addition to this permanent clientele, there will also be external collaborators and contributors, foreign partners of the companies present on the technology campus, as well as tourists. The hotel will also be an asset for the Clinique de la Berra, a medical center with 16 surgeries and an X-ray facility adjacent to the hotel. The residents of Marly and the sustainable district will also have new accommodation options for their close relatives.

A versatile, innovative, and comfortable establishment
Created using the latest technology while maintaining a warm welcome, the hotel will offer a high degree of comfort at affordable rates. Of the 167 rooms, 37 will be in the form of 1.5 or 2.5 room flats, which can also be rented out for longer stays, particularly to people coming to the region for training courses or temporary work.

A bona fide conference center.
The hotel will have a large conference room seating 150 people as well as three smaller rooms for up to 15 people. The Marly Innovation Center site facilities will thus be able to offer a total of 537 conference places, a unique feat for Fribourg.

Assured financial viability.
The CSCSP collaboration will ensure an annual occupancy rate of at least 30%. With the other complementary activities on offer, in particular the income generated from the rental of apartment rooms for longer stays, the resources already secured will ensure that the hotel will be financially viable and sustainable from the moment it opens.

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