Progress of the Quartier de l'étang site - Block A

14.12.2022 · News

CCHE is at the heart of the transformation of the Quartier de l'Etang in Vernier with the development of the "Les Atmosphères" block, the main urban piece and gateway to the site.

A real place of life, the block brings together 5 buildings of mixed use for spaces of intergenerational cohabitation, exchange, conviviality and proximity. These buildings reveal a metallic case in different shades and undulations, revealing the variations in light as the hours and seasons go by. The vegetation inside the hanging gardens initiates the return of nature to the city.

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Discover the ongoing development of the " Les Atmosphères " block, emblem of the Etang district in Vernier.

December 2022

The Atmospheres plinth is characterised by its crowning glory, expressed by inverted and animated tiers. They extend over more than 650 linear metres around the periphery of the block, highlighting the hanging garden above.

These mineral waves undulate, meet and diverge, while echoing the programmes they house: they widen to cover the hotel drop-offs, dilate to punctuate the entrances and accompany the stroll along the shop windows.

ACTU - Quartier de l'étang - Ilot A socle - décembre 2022

Construction site of the " Atmosphères " block, Quartier de l'Etang - Block A - December 2022 - ©implenia ©mf-drone

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