From object to the graphics, from custom part to the industrial production, we work on the detail to serve the whole.

By and for architecture

Created within our office more than 10 years ago, the Design CCHE sector has the particularity of developing mainly by and for architecture. We design and carry out interventions that participate in the architectural project, understanding it, integrating it.

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Competent in the design of serial or customized products, signage and visual communication, we are equally at the service of projects developed by CCHE, as well as those carried out by external offices or clients.

Compétences département Design CCHE

Product design, signage, graphic design and much more... in the name of architecture

Signalétique de CCHE pour Campus des Vergers

Signage, Vergers Secondary Campus, Meyrin. see the project

Produit Nuton de CCHE pour Parallele
Produit Nuton de CCHE pour Parallele

Nuton, range of street furniture, Urbastyle edition (B). see the project


Whatever the mission entrusted to us, we systematically work on the meaning, the emotion, the functionality, the feasibility and finally the durability of our creations.

Produit de CCHE design

Dedale, range of pressed concrete slabs, Godelmann edition (D). see the project

ImpactUSW Collection

Impact, range of fittings, U.S.W. (CH) edition. see the project

Signalétique de CCHE pour le parking du bâtiment administratif Headquarters HP Inc. et HP Enterprise Suisse

Signage Quartier The Hive, Meyrin. see the project

Animation picto The Hive
Signalétique de CCHE pour The Hive

In synergy

For us, constraints are a source of creativity that we explore in synergy with all the actors involved. Collaborative exchanges, understanding of contet and imperatives are all indicative of the relevance that shape our projects.

Signalétique de CCHE pour Nestlé Research Center

Interior signage, Nestlé Research Center, Savigny. see the project

Signalétique de CCHE pour Nestlé Research Center
Urbaniser les Alpes_LOOP_CCHEWEB

Editorial design "Urbanizing the Alps - Strategies for densification of cities at high altitudes", Dr. F. Pia, Birkhäuser publishing house (CH/D). see the project

Design de CCHE pour Parallele

Façades "Parallel", acoustic sheet perforation system, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne. see the project

Parallele Perf Anim
Facade parallele de CCHE des bâtiments Parallèle I et II Suisse
Logo Toula
Signalétique de CCHE pour La Toula

At your level

Experienced in complex and/or large-scale projects, we respond with the same flexibility to specific and punctual requests. Whether it is for missions related to transformation/renovation or new realizations, our team will bring its know-how as an extension of your projects.

Carte Prairie

Visual identity and signage for the Petite Prairie neighborhood see the project

Signalétique de CCHE pour La Petite Prairie
Signalétique de CCHE pour La Petite Prairie
Signalétique de CCHE pour La Petite Prairie
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