This daring project is a response to the order for a zero-energy building, located within the perimeter of an eco-industrial district called "Carrédémeraude", a new program developed by our urban planning sector.



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Abadia SA


Offices, auditorium, conference rooms, restaurant and an exhibition area

Volume (SIA)

41,479 m³

Projet d'Architecture de CCHE pour le Swiss Cortex

Based on the observation that no certification exists in Switzerland for this type of project, we decided to approach the energy balance and sustainable design according to the objectives of the 2000 watt society, integrating all phases of construction and operation of the building, including the mobility share of future users.

The intrinsic landscape values of the site and the proximity of a future eco-industrial district gave rise to an architectural composition with free forms playing with the morphology of the natural terrain.

Projet d'Architecture de CCHE pour le Swiss Cortex

The free undulation of five strips of vegetation makes a flagship building emerge from the land for use by companies involved in research related to sustainable development.

Projet d'Architecture de CCHE pour le Swiss Cortex

Overview of the interior structure

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