The ‘wall’ is crumbling, La Suettaz is coming back to life

21.05.2024 · Press reviews

In its April/May issue, the bi-monthly took a look at the Suettaz district. The 11-storey building, built in 1966, and its neighbour ‘Les Lupins’ are being torn down after being deemed unsuitable. They will be replaced by four new 4- to 5-storey buildings, increasing the number of apartments from 248 to 372. The Lausanne housing cooperative (SCHL) has ensured that the current tenants will be rehoused at similar prices per m2, while committing to improving comfort, complying with current standards, and offering high energy efficiency.

The planting of new trees to replace lost areas, and the creation of green outdoor spaces to encourage biodiversity and soft mobility, convinced the public to vote in favour of the project in 2019. The new buildings will offer below-market rents and residential units for sale as condominiums to ensure a social mix. Planted courtyards and walk-through flats will be main features, while cars will be able to park in the 454 underground spaces.

Two communal rooms and professional display areas will also be included, transforming the former building into a green ‘campus’ while maintaining comparable prices for former tenants.

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Constructing new buildings to rehouse tenants while demolishing an existing envelope is a real challenge. But we’re proof that it’s possible.

Stéphanie Suard Dancet, Architect - Partner Board member CCHE Nyon SA

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