The culture of collaboration is a fundamental anchor for CCHE

19.05.2022 · News

The CCHE network brings together in its 7 subsidiaries all the skills and a unique working method to design and implement architectural projects from the first sketch to the start of operations.

The new subsidiary CCHE Zürich AG represents an opportunity to create synergies, whether for our partners in German-speaking Switzerland who would like to develop projects in French-speaking Switzerland, or for partners in French-speaking Switzerland who are interested in German-speaking Switzerland. Our numerous contacts on both sides of the Saane are a real asset.

The culture of collaboration is a fundamental anchor for CCHE.

What brings us together and binds us is our strong culture of collaboration. We have learnt to build teams with tight deadlines, to react quickly, to help each other and to respect each other while valuing the work of each employee.

What is also important to us is the constant search for new challenges, which allows us to remain dynamic, with a youthful spirit, and this search for new challenges now allows us to take this step towards Zürich.

Hannes Ehrensperger

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