The construction of the Malley Phare tower can begin in January 2022

21.07.2021 · News

All the lights are on for the elevation of the Malley Lumières center with a 60-meter tower made of wood structure and photovoltaic facades. The construction site, entrusted to the Perspectives Construction – JPF Ducret, will be able to begin in January 2022.

Malley Phare is part of the overall development of an entire neighborhood led by the city of Prilly, which has been committed for several years to implementing a sustainable policy in terms of energy, transportation and the environment. This building, which is intended to be exemplary from an energy and socio-cultural point of view, meets the requirements of the SIA 2040 standard and has been developed to meet the "Site 2000 watts" label for the Malley Viaduc district.

Interview with Alain Gillièron, Syndic of Prilly,
and Hannes Ehrensperger, Associate Architect CCHE Lausanne SA

ACTU - MalleyPhare
Architecture paramétrique de CCHE pour Malley Phare Suisse

The use of wood for the load-bearing structure allows, among other things, to meet the energy criteria set by the 2000-watt society label of the district. It also brings a gain in lightness and speed of execution, since the elements are manufactured in the factory, then assembled on site.

Architecture de CCHE pour Malley Phare Suisse

The deployment of photovoltaic panels on the 4 façades of the building was optimized in collaboration with the CCHE Digital team. The development of an algorithm allowed us to determine the best balance between aesthetics and energy performance, in other words, between the spacing of the 75,000 photocells and their quantity, while maintaining semi-transparent facades and taking into account the constraints related to the project.

Actu - Malley Phare - Paramétrique - Collaboration - panneaux photovoltaïques

The project, which may begin in January 2022, will be managed by Perspectives Construction, in collaboration with JPF Ducret. Through its role as a total contractor, Perspectives Construction combines respect for architectural quality with respect for costs and deadlines.

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