Hotel Lavaux: regional architectural heritage showcased in the NZZ

21.11.2023 · Press reviews

Discover Lavaux and its architectural heritage in the NZZ, with a special focus on the Hôtel Lavaux, designed by Alberto Sartoris in 1965 and entirely renovated by CCHE in 2012.

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"CCHE views transformation as a way of approaching a project according to its own rules. With more than 40 years' experience, we approach each transformation by understanding and respecting the existing building. This enables us to get the most out of its potential. In the case of the Lavaux hotel, the fundamental basis of the project was to maintain the original character of the building and the architect's signature, while simultaneously bringing it up to current standards and raising it to the level of a 4* establishment with high standards of comfort."

Marc Fischer, Architect - Partner Board member

Architecture de CCHE de l'Hôtel Lavaux Suisse
Architecture d'intérieur de CCHE de l'Hôtel Lavaux Suisse
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