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13.12.2023 · News

The Montreux Convention and Exhibition Centre is being transformed. Work to secure and restructure the Montreux Convention and Exhibition Centre began on 2 August 2023. The aim is to bring the building up to standard, create new vertical walkways at the west and east ends, create and extend offices in the base of Building B, extend and create a terrace to the south of Building B and a terrace to the south and east of Building A, create a members' room with a new entrance from the platforms, and open up the façade to A2.

Most of the work will be done inside the building, with renovation of the exterior shell planned for the final phase of the project.

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2m2c: episode 3 - december 2023

Several areas of work are being carried out simultaneously throughout the building. In particular in the west end, on the Lausanne side, and the east end, on the Villeneuve side. On the B1 and A1 levels, the rafters are being rebuilt. Outside, scaffolding has been erected to enable various areas of the facade to be replaced. These openings required the installation of wooden protections around the Stravinski auditorium to preserve its acoustics.

See the interview below with Giuseppe Leone, CCHE's execution project manager.

2m2c: episode 2 - october 2023

Launched in 2012 with a study, the thinking behind Team (2m2c)2’s restructuring of 2m2c is based on a powerful idea: each with its own entrance, each on its own scale. This concept, which won the MEP in 2015, proposes a complete transformation of the building by changing its orientation to allow events to be staged there. More flexibility, more diversity, improved flow, and a building that meets the latest standards will make the 2m2c the hub both for Montreux residents and international events. The transformation is based as much on the quality of the building and its infrastructure as on the user experience.

See the interview below with Marc Fischer, associate architect at CCHE.

Timeline :

2m2c : episode 1 - august 2023
After setting up the various site installations and cleaning up the asbestos in the areas to be contained, the erection of the west head scaffolding was able to begin, at the same time as the demolition of the existing interior walls, glazing, doors and false ceilings, the dismantling of the HVAC systems and the reinforcement of the west roof at B8 to accommodate the future ventilation monoblock.

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