Completion of work on the Dents du Midi school

17.11.2021 · News

The transformation and renovation of the Dents du Midi College in Aigle is coming to an end. This project, carried out in stages and in operation, has been conducted with a global reflection on the elements allowing to limit the ecological impact of the intervention. While the existing structure of the building was preserved as much as possible, the façade elements to be replaced were completely dismantled and sorted for recycling in a recycling and revalorisation centre.

To adapt the building to current needs and techniques, the installation of photovoltaic panels made it possible to meet at least 50% of the building's consumption.

The intervention schedules were also adapted to avoid the delivery of temporary modules and the various interventions were carried out by a majority of local companies (located less than 50km away).

Actu - Collège Dents Du Midi
Fin des travaux pour le collège les dents du midi à AIgle Suisse

Guided tour inside the building after transformation

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