The CCHE running team ran the Runmate this late week-end

28.09.2020 · Community

A 210km relay race around Lake Leman for our 9 warriors: Thibaud Raulin, Pauline Chagnoleau, Thomas Deflon, Valentine Goulard, Clémence Goufa, Paul Gutleben, Logan Hanriot, Loïc Schaller and Cora Grand.

The goal of this race, to go around Lake Geneva on a magnificent itinerary of nearly 210km in teams, between "mates" and share unforgettable moments.

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Small retrospective for the 9 mates after 209km of effort in 18h07. The CCHE running team ranks 21st, for a total of 137 classified teams.

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The team had the opportunity to get together in full at each relay to encourage each other and continue the adventure.

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