Luminaire Casino


In charge of the Casino de Neuchâtel rehabilitation project, the architectural firm Geninasca Delefortrie called upon the interior architecture and design sector of CCHE to imagine the atmosphere of this special place. Our solution focused on the creation of a chandelier that would be able to give life to the space, to impress it with magic and at the same time respond to the constraints: the specific lighting needs of such a place are very diverse, even opposing. They range from lighting a giorno for maintenance and cleaning to a subdued, almost unreal level, capable of underlining the magic of the game. Without forgetting the lighting that is necessary to ensure the security of the place by video surveillance that keeps away any illicit temptation.

More than two hundred of these lights have been produced, and they have become an installation that completely covers the ceiling of the gaming room, restaurant and bar, defines a new interior architecture for the premises by the way they are lit, and even becomes the casino's signature.



Developed by

CCHE Design


Product design


Perforated eloxed aluminium tubes, led source (direct and indirect lighting)


Hanging, Ceiling Light


Regent lighting SA


CCHE Lausanne SA

Luminaires animation
Architecture d'intérieur et design produit de CCHE pour le Casino de Neuchâtel Suisse
Rénovation de CCHE de la façade du Complexe Bel-Air Suisse
Luminaire de CCHE
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